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"Sole" apartment "Luna" apartment My Charming House is a resort located at the center of the Divine Amalfi Coast in Marmorata, a seaside village of the town of Ravello.

Our guests have the privilege of staying in Ravello and at the same time being a few steps from the beach of the village of Minori.

My Charming House was designed to welcome in two nice apartments, with particular attention to detail: the "Sole" and "Luna", recently renovated, located in an historical building of the late nineteenth century, one of the most important of the area, named Paradise City, thanks to the beautiful landscape overlooking the sea.

For our guests we offer free parking in the garage below the property on the scenic road 163, connecting all the resorts of the Amalfi coast.

And for guests who decide to travel by public transport, at My Charming House there is a bus stop SITA and from the pier of Minori you can catch a ferry for a scenic stroll on the sea.

My Charming House is a container of visible perceptions...

A photographic gallery of magnificent glimpses of the Amalfi Coast with the lights, colours and shapes of the dawns and sunsets painted on the arches and the ceilings of the apartments.

All framed in refined illumination, from a Murano glass lantern which reflects on the azure ceiling creating reflections similar to the rays of the sun, to lights which resemble the shape of the clouds and a cascade of lights on the wisteria-coloured ceiling which gives the impression of the glittering stars on summer nights!

... the two Sole and Luna apartments were created like this thanks to passion for the aesthetics of the beautiful, and from them it is possible to see glimpses of the sea, hear the sound of the water which breaks over the rocks, admire Ravello and its villas, perceive the fragrance of lemon orchards and observe the fishermen who poetically grace this coast from the first light of the morning.

Sole Apartment


Luna Apartment